Premiere: NAAFI Debuts Digital-Only Line with OMAAR’s Club-Ready ‘No!’ EP

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NAAFI is calling on OMAAR to kick off the birth of the label’s line of digital-only releases that will focus more specifically on music oriented for the club. Though still relatively new on the scene in Mexico, OMAAR out of Coacalco has already made a number of appearances in some key moments, such as his debut at Mutek México, several appearances at NAAFI raves, and an ominous mixtape released over the weekend on Hackney, London’s NTS independent radio broadcast.

As a Remezcla exclusive, OMAAR is dropping his debut EP, No!, with a title track owning up to its club-ready promise, with darkwave synth lines and an aggressive bent. “TTHHUUGG” brings a pumping, hypnotic number rooted in Baltimore club breaks, while “Sportswear” serves up a hesitating, deconstructed approach that builds up and breaks down the song structure throughout the track’s duration. “Tired stays truest to NAAFI’s aesthetic to date, with sped-down, industrial crashes and flickering snares. The EP also counts on a remix from Massacooramaan of the Fade to Mind roster, who leads “No!” away from dancefloor territory, taking a hardline approach to bringing the combative vocal samples to the forefront.

Check out the video for “Tired,” produced to coincide with the release, produced by PJ Rountree with art direction by Mexican Jihad– watch it here.