San Juan Multi-Instrumentalist Pachyman Shares New ‘Sun-Drenched Sound for Cruising the Streets’

Lead Photo: Photo by Abraham Recio. Courtesy of the artist
Photo by Abraham Recio. Courtesy of the artist
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As the weather gets hotter and we get closer to the beginning of summer, ATO Records’ Pachy García is looking to get us through the heat. The San Juan reggae/dub specialist records under the name Pachyman.

The talented LA-based multi-instrumentalist, who was this year’s recipient of the LAMC Discover Award, has a background in piano and was part of the local punk circuit in his teenage years. But it was his love for the Jamaica-born styles, planted in his heart by the likes of Cultura Profética and dub legends like Scientist and King Tubby, what drove him to become his own one-man reggae/dub band. Just take a look at his performance videos, like the one he made for The Return of Pachyman’s first single “Big Energy,” to see what he’s capable of.

His newest single “El Benson” tips the scale towards the reggae territory, filtering chilled, trippy sounds through a vintage aesthetic that sends us to an instant mental vacation. His dexterity in all the instruments he plays on the track is evident, from the driving bass line to the underlying organ pads, from his effect wizardry to those smooth-as-hell electric guitars that carry the melodic content.

García describes it as “A sun-drenched sound for cruising the streets. Setting the vibe in a soulful way and giving it a jazzy edge while dubbing it out.” He shares that the video is inspired by the “‘East Side Story’ compilations and the fascination of that sound in Los Angeles. I wrote this tune when my friend Benson Pagan was in L.A. rehearsing to go on tour with Ozuna. I wanted to write something that complemented his style of guitar playing. The end result being a completely unique style of reggae.”

The song is paired with a music video, premiering below at Remezcla. It was directed by Jaime Villa-Ruiz and supports the song’s vintage vibes with footage shot in a Super 8 at a different beachy and deserted setting where García performs the track with such ease and joy we want to be teleported wherever he is right now.

Pachyman’s new album, The Return of Pachyman, is dropping on August 13, and we’re certain it’ll be a refreshing Caribbean concoction to help us get through the heat.

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