Premiere: Reyna Tropical’s Playful “No Me Quieres” Video Is a Celebration of Afro-Mexican Queerness

Lead Photo: Photo by Alexis Moya
Photo by Alexis Moya
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Much can transpire over the course of 365 days, but for West Coast duo Reyna Tropical, calling it a watershed year might be an understatement. After the release of their whimsical self-titled debut EP in early 2018, mounting buzz led to a direct invitation from Bomba Estéreo front woman Liliana Saumet to open for the Elegancia Tropical favorites on their 10-date North American tour, late last year. Comprised of Fabi Reyna and Nectali Díaz (aka Sumohair), the pair’s chicha-soaked tropical jams combined with the tour’s tremendous exposure paved the way for performances at this year’s SXSW, Saumet’s Estéreo Beach Festival in Colombia, and even production of their new EP Sol y Lluvia.

Building on this perfect storm of synergy we are now presented with “No Me Quieres,” the visual accompaniment for one of Reyna Tropical’s most compelling songs to date, and a fascinating spotlight on the band’s multi-faceted identities. Premiering today on Remezcla, the Joey Blue-directed clip stars Afro-Mexican actor Diana Díaz and focuses on the tumultuous romance between two young Latinx women. Bouncing between stolen kisses, squabbles, and intimate roof-top dining sessions, “No Me Quieres” highlights the between-the-lines of every relationship – some high, some low, and others gloriously mundane.

“Queer love and Afro-Mexico is the embodiment of Reyna Tropical,” expresses the band via press release, highlighting Díaz’s casting as a direct reflection of Sumohair’s Afro-Mexican heritage and how Mexico’s 2020 census will be the first to count the long underrepresented community. In conjunction, the romance at the heart of “No Me Quieres” relates to Reyna’s own experience as a queer woman who “seeks to expand the visibility of what queer identities look like in Latinx communities and discuss it in a way that demonstrates power, strength, and resilience.”

“No Me Quieres” is a playful, concise, and very real expression of the intertwining storylines that weave into each other every day, making life such a rich and textured journey.

Watch the video here: