PREMIERE: Video for Big Soto and Neutro Shorty’s Smooth, Club-Ready “Hennessy”

Lead Photo: Photo courtesy Rimas Entertainment
Photo courtesy Rimas Entertainment
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Venezuela, presente.

In representation of the new, pioneering wave of trap artists coming out of Venezuela, Big Soto and Neutro Shorty have released Apokalypsis, a joint album they say “speaks of the end of a stage and the beginning of another.” This concoction is both of their second-released projects. Big Soto’s debut LP, Young Cream, came out in 2017, while Neutro Shorty’s Calilugas debuted just last year.

Their goal is that this new album  open the door for more música urbana venezolana, and put a spotlight on what’s brewing down there. As they mold their own flow within the trap en español blueprint, they seem committed to making music that stands apart from the classic rap the country has become accustomed to with artists like Canserbero.

In “Hennessy,” one of eight tracks on the album, they dive into the cocksure nature of the genre introducing themselves to their peers and potential wider audience with lines like “Ni que te den par de pases tu tienes mi alcance/Usted es puro romance/La carrera tuya que en paz descanse/Dile a tu jefe que te de una avance y comprate un flow a ver si llevas chance.” Feels like a good addition to the pre-game playlist.

Check out our exclusive premiere of “Hennessy” here.