Premiere: Wet Baes is Only 18 Years Old But Does Sensual 80s Pop Like a Pro on “Midnight Caller”

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Wet Baes, born Andrés Jaime, is only 18 years old, but he traffics in 80s nostalgia like a someone who grew up watching old John Hughes movies and listening to George Michael. Jaime says he doesn’t believe in generational barriers, and the ballad “Midnight Caller” is proof. Starting with the sound of a ringing phone – an old-school resource that immediately sets the romantic tone – the track quickly drops into mid-tempo sensuality and throwback synth sounds.

Singing about late-night phone calls with your bae in his languid voice, Jaime embellishes with slapped electric bass sounds and subtle tropical percussion. When the half-tempo outro comes in, you’ll probably still be singing that catchy chorus in your head.

Wet Baes’ Youth Attraction is out later this year on Stratford Court.