Prepare For Summer With Sotomayor’s Debut Album, “Salvaje”

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Parts of the East Coast were disproportionately (to put it lightly!) covered in snow for much of the start of this year. It wasn’t a winter wonderland at all…it was a winter pain in the frozen ass. Thankfully, that’s come to an end and there’s sunlight shining through the Remezcla office windows once again as an actual spring season has finally arrived. Unfortunately, the Remezcla eh-staf is going to have to skip it and go straight to summer if Sotomayor have any say in the situation.

The brother–and-sister duo of Raul and Paulina Sotomayor (no relation to the Boricua Supreme Court Justice) released their full-length debut album recently, which has us all pining for ron y coca on the beach while dancing in swimsuits. Salvaje arrives courtesy of the Mexico City-based Tropic-All label, which does its best to live up to its name with every release it publishes. This album is no exception as Sotomayor didn’t so much create a tropical music album as create an entire tropical experience minus the sand between your toes and thick, humid air.

On their debut, the duo have created a wonderful pop record perfectly balanced with elements of tropical, cumbia, and even electronic dance music. The record begins with a few hypnotizing numbers thanks to some great synth work, which provide a perfect complement to Paulina’s vocal style. The music takes on a light tone of Bomba Estereo at their most mellow before ending on a high note with “Tu Canto,” the theme song to a beachfront rave.

Salvaje was worth the wait and we have no doubt their upcoming performance at Festival Marvin will be too.