Prettiest Eyes’ Debut is Brash Kraut-Punk in Espanglés

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Earlier this week, Prettiest Eyes, the new home to two former tach.dé members, released a split cassette with fellow LA dweller Kim & The Created. Unlike the doom-prog elements in tach.dé, Prettiest Eyes is more rooted in kraut, punk, and psych. No 14-minute tracks here, no depressing indulgence (although tach.dé indulgence is some of the best indulgence!). Just microbursts of brashness and bilingual yelps. On the split you’ll find hard-nosed “Get Away” and ’60s-cut “Huelebicho,” enough to tide you over until their debut full length comes out in February.

Buy the split here via Lolipop Records, a co-release with Burger Records.