Princesa Alba Sets Her Sights on Chile’s Pop Crown With New Single “Ya No Quieres Quererme”

Lead Photo: Photo courtesy of the artist.
Photo courtesy of the artist.
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Over the past decade, the Chilean pop landscape went global largely due to the efforts, ingenuity, and relatability of left-of-center stars like Javiera Mena, Alex Anwandter, and Tomasa del Real. While much has changed, the well of talent has far from run dry; with the scene now led by fresh sounds from Gianluca and Niños del Cerro. Another undoubtedly bright star from this current generation of indie ingenues is Princesa Alba, who’s been on a steady career glow up for the past few years. Starting out as a bilingual chanteuse dabbling in slinky R&B, she rapidly grew into a viral perreo siren and is now entering a glittery pop star era.

Co-produced with buzzy singer-songwriter and studio whiz Francisco Victoria, brand new single “Ya No Quieres Quererme” is Princesa Alba’s bold power play for the mainstream. The track has all the makings of a radio smash, including warbling synths, syrupy bass lines, lush string arrangements, and catchy lyrics about the emotional tug-of-war of every fleeting young romance. The sonic and lyrical playfulness of “Ya No Quieres Quererme” echoes through its charming animated video, produced at Marmota Studio and directed by Bernardita Pastén. The clip casts Princesa Alba as a fantastical pop star hybrid of Dua Lipa, Doja Cat, and a Chilean Bratz doll who falls for a womanizing dancer while performing on set at a glitzy TV show. The clip’s animation is reminiscent of Steven Universe and “Interstella 555,” the iconic space musical that accompanied Daft Punk’s classic Discovery album–original, yet referential enough to spark a social media bonanza.

“Ya No Quieres Quererme” marks the beginning of a new sonic chapter for Princesa Alba, capping a transitional journey of pop flirtations heard across collaborations with Gepe, Gianluca, and Spanish producer Alizzz. But here, the spotlight is all hers, and it’s about time the world recognized Princesa Alba’s growing star power. If you’re only just finding out, welcome to the party.