Princess Nokia Delivers an Icy Tribute To Keeping It Moving on ‘I Like Him’

Lead Photo: Screenshot from Princess Nokia - I Like Him Music Video
Screenshot from Princess Nokia - I Like Him Music Video
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Between acting in feature films and snagging a coveted berth on Obama’s summer playlist, Princess Nokia’s new era has brought us a whole new Nuyorican emcee. The morph is confirmed with the gender nonconforming artist’s latest music video for a horny trap banger with icy verses that would hardly sound out of place on a Cardi B album.

Brooklyn producer Powers Pleasant created the beat for “I Like Him,” for which Destiny Frasqueri unfurls a story of a love unbounded by monogamy’s chains. “Go get the next, like I get the bread/He coming with questions, I call him the Feds,” they intone, sure to elicit a scream in the midst of what might be the most anti-authoritarian summer on recent record. The freedom of such a no-commitment modus operandi makes it anyone’s guess why Nokia included the track on the shadowy side of their dual album releases Everything Sucks and Everything is Beautiful.

Just let them be, is the answer. “There are two sides to these moods,” they said in a recent interview on the complexities of the two simultaneous album releases. “There are shadows and there is light, there is up and down, there is happy and sad, there is crazy and peaceful.”