Princess Nokia’s “Kitana” Video Will Give You Girl Gang Envy

Princess Nokia recently told The Hundreds that Mortal Kombat’s Kitana has “always been my bitch.” The rapper says she even cosplayed the bladed fan-wielding video game babe at New York’s Comic Con. So it’s no surprise that the video Princess Nokia just launched for “Kitana,” a track off her transcendent 1992 EP, is all about finding strength in badass women.

The clip, directed by Princess Nokia herself, is a welcome addition to her growing visual universe of empowering femme imagery. A girl gang assembles on a basketball court to watch its members beast it out in boxing gear. Half of Nokia’s verses are delivered with a bloody nose. It’s a celebration of how we sharpen our friends to their fittest potential.

The song was produced by A. Trak and Lex Luger, a rare team-up with industry heavyweights by the resolutely independent Nokia. She explained how the collaboration went down in the same interview with The Hundreds:

We’ve been friends for a couple of years and we’d been discussing some stuff. We got into the studio, [A.Trak] played me three tracks, and when I heard that one I thought, “This is fucking fire!” It was aggressive and I found some of my music for it. But then he had to leave about 15 minutes in and I had to do it by myself with the engineer. It was beautiful and wound up sounding great.