An Astronaut Travels Through Space in Protistas’ Animated Video for “Ojos Favoritos”

Chilean band Protistas just shared the fourth single from their latest album Nefertiti (via Quemasucabeza). The first line of the song is “Me encontré mis ojos favoritos/son los dos planetas más adormecidos.” Those lyrics seem to be the starting point for the “Ojos Favoritos” music video, a beautiful and endearing animation created by Enzo Cortavitarte.

The simplest way to explain the video is that it’s about an astronaut who travels through space, but it’s so much more than that. The lines and figures constantly morph into something different, showing heads that become planets, hands that become dust, and alien flora that grow out of the ground. It runs like a space hallucination, and the simplicity of the animation, paired with the song and the astronaut’s journey, say a lot about loneliness and growing old.