Atlanta Hip-Hop Meets Spanish Trap on Yung Beef’s New Mixtape

Trap is emerging with flair in Spain, thanks to PXXR GVNG and its sundry members. The Barcelona-based collective are tearing up the Spanish rap scene with an intensity reminiscent of the drill movement in Chicago. They recently released a new mixtape from rapper Yung Beef and producer Steve Lean entitled A.D.R.O.M.I.C.F.M.S. 2.

Two singles, “Motriles (feat. Marko Italia)” and “Beef Boy,” received the street video treatment with footage of Yung Beef and his crew in their element. The latter song is produced by Atlanta-based duo Metro Boomin and Southside, who have worked with Future and Meek Mill in the States.

Beef and his PXXR GVNG reggaetón subgroup, La Mafia del Amor, have already gained a cult following, with their teenage angst and lyrics that range from playfully crass to moody and reflective, leading to a coveted spot at Sónar back in June. There’s no doubt they’ll keep making an impact in the Spanish hip-hop market.