Download Raido’s Gorgeous, Foggy “limit break 22”

Lead Photo: Photo by Cuauhtemoc Suarez
Photo by Cuauhtemoc Suarez
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Costa Rican producer Raido recently put out 哀れ (Aware,) the first part of a bigger conceptual release titled 物の哀れ (Mono No Aware): “The Bittersweetness of a Brief and Fading Moment of Transcendent Beauty.” In our review, we highlighted its sonic complexity and special focus on texture. In other words, we loved it.

Now, through his own Top Cats imprint, Raido has released a new track on a series called Top Cats Weekly Singles. “limit break 22” is a simple-sounding synthwave instrumental song with minimal programming and numerous vintage synth pads that submerge the listener in a foggy experience. It’s another one of Raido’s successful attempts to play with emotions through timbre and harmony, and it’s a gorgeous listen.