Raido Makes “Crystal Drive” an Eerie & Intense Video 

We recently talked about how Costa Rican producer Raido stepped into the dark side on his latest single, “Crystal Drive,” with its heavy bass and vocoded vocals. Now the fellows from Infinito Corazón were in charge of giving the song a visual companion, and the result is a bit unsettling.

Right from the start the visuals doesn’t seem to match the dark nature of the song, as almost the entire thing was filmed in broad daylight, but it does match it conceptually and emotionally. We see a woman in white on a quest through the wilderness to deliver a scepter to a deity-like man dressed and painted in ceremonial garb. She’s being chased by this black female presence, but finally makes it to her destination, where the man makes her enter his lair and shows her the universe. This is an eerie and intense watch.