Premiere: Raido Prepares for a New Year With Blissful ‘Jera’ Album

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2015 saw Costa Rica’s Raido seal his status as one of Latin America’s leading electronic producers, thanks to his 哀れ (Aware) record and tracks like “Crystal Drive” which had us marveling as we danced along to them.

To bid goodbye to a great year and welcome the opportunities that the next one will bring him, Raido has dropped Jera, a concept LP based on the 12th rune of the Germanic Elder Futhark, which means “good year” and “good harvest.” Since we’re just a few days away from 2016, it’s fitting that he has chosen the theme of his latest musical excursion to symbolize the beginning of a new cycle.

Musically, Jera is full of glistening synths with beats that invite you to dance the night away. It evokes the beauty of a rising sun or flowers blooming in the early morning, but with enough melancholy and nostalgia to tether the song in the bittersweet. 

Free download over at ToneDen.

Higher quality download / Support over at Bandcamp.