Raido’s “Blow” Is a Rollercoaster Ride Through a Moody Night at the Club

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Costa Rica’s Raido is gearing up for his set at the Festival Nrmal Guadalajara showcase this weekend, alongside MATE, Faded, Phynx, FΛcy SedΛted, and Pólux, presented by NWLA, SsenSorial, and Remezcla. To hype us up for the event, Raido has dropped a magnetic and hypnotizing track titled “Blow.

Giancarlo Renzi‘s latest albums have shown an introspective and contemplative side of his work, pushing him closer to experimental electronic music and IDM than to anything you’d hear at the club. But on “Blow,” he successfully manages to fall right in the middle of those two worlds. The song is a compelling ride through mood and time that guarantees you won’t get bored, not even for a second. Thick layers of synthetic pads, distortion, and a kick drum drive the song, imbuing it with dynamic and shifting textures. Towards the end, the song explodes into a trappy hip-hop moment, once again catching us off guard.

Be sure to catch Radio tear up the stage at our Festival Nrmal showcase in Guadalajara this Saturday.