Raido Heads to the Dance Floor With Crisp Techno Bomb “Isaz”

Lead Photo: Raido
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Costa Rican producer Raido never ceases to impress, thanks to his ability to hop from genre to genre and maintain his signature sensibility on every track. He’s already shown us his take on hip-hop, jazz, ambient, new wave, and even punk. Now, he takes a shot at techno on his new track “Isaz,” and the results are remarkable.

“Isaz” starts off with saturated atmospheres, shortly followed by a four-on-the-floor kick drum and some tuned digital tom hits, creating a pattern that practically serves as a leading melodic line. Everything here sounds slightly distorted and bit-crushed – some elements more than others – and he squeezes in some intriguingly odd high-frequency harmonics that embellish the song. There’s a sense of melancholy, but once the beat picks up power, it becomes totally danceable.

Raido is part of the first edition of Festival Nrmal Costa Rica, slated for November 21.