Raven Felix Flexes Her Rap Muscles on “Get It From My Mama”

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In her newest single “Get It From My Mama,” Raven Felix flexes her rap muscles over a southern rap-inspired instrumental. While she’s shown her lyricism in previous tracks, she’s rarely done so in a typical hip-hop fashion. Alternating between a fast double flow and a slower, more candid style throughout the track, Raven Felix showcases her impressive ability to switch up her lyrical pattern. With the help of producers Tekneek and J Dialect, the gritty but catchy beat allows the Valley MC to put her myriad of skills on display.

While her music may fit into multiple genres, “Get It From My Mama” proves that Felix is not afraid to step into the ring with other female rap heavyweights. The song’s all about how the “bad lil bish” got it from her mama and isn’t afraid to take what she wants. And with this latest release, Raven Felix doesn’t let her mama down at all, once again proving why she’s a force to be reckoned with.