Reanimating the Dead: Limp Bizkit’s “Nookie” Brought Back to Life by Mexican Synthsmiths

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Humvoice is a Mexico-based project composed by audio engineers Hbassuki and Gabo Morfin. Their unique approach to electronic music makes this “Electro Techno” project a constant experiment, as this track perfectly exemplifies.

Limp Bizkit was the kind of band that almost every 90s kid bumped, but over the years they became kind of a taboo joke – not just because new trends in music made them kind of irrelevant, but also because lead singer Fred Durst acted like a d-bag. But this work is not about the life of a person, it’s about how Humvoice reimagined “Nookie,” adding new arrangements reminiscent of 80s synth sci-fi music. The result is amazing; it combines very different styles and reanimates à la Frankenstein a band from our youth. Just listen, remember and enjoy.