Residente’s New Video Gleefully Skewers Perreo Carnality

Lead Photo: Photo courtesy of the artist.
Photo courtesy of the artist.
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René Pérez Joglar began quarantine raising the weighty issue of Latin American poverty with a re-release of Calle 13’s 2010 song “Latinoamérica.” But like so many of us, as the lockdown extends into its fifth month, Residente has gone horny on main, in between works of protest and beer brand launches.

Consider the evidence: his wistful May single “Antes Que El Mundo Se Acabe” featured well over seven minutes of heaven delivered by a world of sensual couples, including Bad Bunny and his partner Gabriela Berlingeri. Residente’s latest offering “Hoy,” a song one can’t help imagining powerfully vibrating a wall of car dealership speakers, reimagines its reggaetón as a verb. In fact, a witchy, viral verb that graphically possesses even the club’s casual passers-by.

Don’t pretend like you can’t relate to the “Hoy” video’s skewing of dance floor courtship. The clip shows its protagonists elementally spurred to launch themselves onto their partner with the lewdest, most gratuitous comedy. Residente directed himself and pops up as the video’s incredulous bartender—its only character who is immune to the music’s pull. Conspiracy theory: he’s definitely playing himself, the artist who made the spell that is “Hoy.” The other culprit, a goofy DJ who seems to unwittingly release the lust-invoking auditory, certainly doesn’t seem to have the focus to have woven the spell.

Or perhaps this obvious lack of attribution of alchemy is intentional—Residente has been around long enough to know that it’s the people who bring the perreo intenso to reggaetón, and not the other way around.