And the End of Everything Push Mexico’s Avant-Garde Electronic Scene Forward With ‘237’ EP

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The Mexican electronic music scene is in great shape nowadays. Labels like N.A.A.F.I., Maligna, Gold Frame Records, and Finesse Records are constantly putting out bold and forward-thinking music from more and more up-and-coming producers. Ensamble are also part of this reinvigoration of Mexico’s musical panorama, promoting shows in Mexico City with a special emphasis in experimentation, and also releasing music through their new netlabel, NSMBL NET. They’re even throwing a showcase as part of this year’s edition of Mutek Mx, the definitive mecca of avant-garde music in the region, and will take place at the Old Hotel Mancera this September 5.

NSMBL NET’s latest release is an EP by Chilango duo And the End of Everything, which consists of producers Alfredo Ramírez and Alan Aguilar, better known as Me & Myself and No Light, respectively. The EP, called 237, is based on a pretty amazing concept. It’s believed that Stanley Kubrick planted some clues in The Shining about the first human moon landing in 1976 being a scam. For example, “237,” the infamous hotel room number in the movie, is thought to be a reference to the distance from the Earth to the moon, which is 237,000 miles.

Chapter 2” carries the same vibe, but with more defined dynamics, and also introduces elements from other genres, like footwork and jungle in a clever and not-so-obvious way. Vocals-as-synths are very popular these days, and they use them here too, but in the form of long notes that give the song an ethereal quality. Finally, “Chapter 3” closes the EP on a slow-tempo note. Here, their love for ambient sounds and glitches is much more upfront than on previous songs. The track starts off very nostalgically, led by a plucked nylon-string acoustic guitar, but it progressively gets darker and darker, complete with gunshot samples and heavy glitches, only to drop into a single conclusive guitar chord that resolves the whole thing.

Don’t miss their performance at Mutek Mx, as well as a solo performance by No Light. Me & Myself will play Ensamble’s showcase on September 5. Check out live footage of the duo below: