Brenmar Revisits His Hip-Hop Roots on ‘Award’ EP On Fool’s Gold Records

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It’s been awhile since we last received a proper release from Chicago-born, New York-based producer Brenmar. Of course, we’ve never been short of singles, collaborations, remixes, edits, and powerful DJ sets like the one he did on our Cultura Dura party. But now he has finally released his new EP, Award, on Fool’s Gold.

Although Jersey Club has been one of Brenmar’s strongest suits, and he sure does it perfectly, he stepped away from it in favor of trap beats, going deeper into his hip-hop influences. He recruited a different collaborator for each of the four tracks that comprise the EP, like Dougie F going Migos on opener “Award,” UNiiQU3 having tons of fun on “Hula Hoop,” and Jeremih-approved Sayyi on “Don’t Want It.” But, obviously, Brenmar is the star, making those tracks sound huge and full of unexpected elements and exciting dynamics. He displays his club music producer trickery like he lives for it (he does), and manages to make every song an instant banger.