Ferraz’s ‘Wavez’ EP is Where R&B and Rave Meet

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Ferraz has been working on giving a fresh new face to the Venezuelan electronic scene for several months now. Since the release of his debut EP, 1977, he’s been working at a frenetic pace, collaborating with Marti Ann, and putting out excellent singles and remixes. So why stop now? He just released a new EP called Wavez, once again on Cocobass, and it picks up the sound and feel he explored on the previous one.

There’s something about Manuel Ferraz‘s music that just speaks romance. For instance, the 5-song EP starts with the aptly titled “Valentine,” a track that seamlessly weaves house and trap with an atmospheric backdrop and soulful, mellow harmonies. “Wavez” sounds like it could have easily finished 1977, and album closer “My Bae” is a slow burner loaded with reverb, great production, and emotion.

There’s a little interlude called “Breathe” where we hear dialogue from the movie Her underscored by piano and a sample of heavy breathing. It ends up sounding a bit cheesy, but you know, he’s a romantic. The EP highlight is probably “Love,” a song where you can taste elements from R&B, rave, and even jungle, and it’s just as smooth as it can be. With his string of releases, including this latest, Ferraz is building and expanding on the unique aesthetic he has brought since day one.