Tei Shi Comes Into Her Own on “Verde” EP

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In 2013, Argentine singer Valerie Teicher, a.k.a. Tei Shi, quietly released her great Saudade EP, winning over quite a few hearts with her gorgeous voice and relaxed style. Now, Mermaid Avenue and Double Denim have joined forces to release her new EP, titled Verde, which showcases a more mature and focused version of the singer.

The EP opens with a hypnotic, layered repetition of Tei Shi singing “I can’t be sure” (which are both the lyrics and the track’s title), backed by delicate electronic programming. Suddenly, the vocal gets reversed, building up only to drop into “Bassically.” The infectious single is an electro-pop gem, and its wordless chorus is as catchy as it gets. Her breathy, sensual vocalization of “Baby, I’ll behave if you let me stay/please, don’t say that I’m begging you for love,” at the song’s beginning belies the power of her voice, which comes in full force by the second chorus.

See Me” leans in a more indie-pop direction, and its sentimental lyrics accentuate the ballad feel of the song. There’s something so endearing about the way she adorns the vocal melodies and how she harmonizes with herself, it sounds very special. “Go Slow” is probably the poppiest and most uplifting song on the EP, reminiscent of how a mainstream Jessy Lanza would sound. But it’s not until the end of Verde that Tei Shi gives her most beautiful and sexiest performance. “Get It” is a heavily R&B-influenced song where she explores her upper range over minimal instrumentation; an electric piano, ambient textures, and a reverb-soaked hi-hat and snare. She sings “Baby, I know that you’ll come and get it when you’re good and ready,” and just like that, you’ve added it to your baby-making playlist.