Track Meet Artists Give Missy Elliott and Purity Ring Club Makeovers on ‘Compilation 03’

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Dallas collective and label Track Meet already has two successful compilations under their arm, grouping exceptional underground producers who make some of the most engaging experimental club music. They just returned with the third installment of the series, simply called Track Meet Compilation 03, and they continue to deliver on that premise, also showcasing the fact that the Latin influence in global bass is the real deal.

A lot of the tracks included here are weird makeovers of well-known mainstream tracks. For instance, Fantasy Thrilla inject loads and loads of upbeat fun to Purity Ring’s “Push Pull” on “Pu$h Pu11,” pitching up Megan Jones’ vocals to the chipmunk range. Ynfynyt Scroll, one of Track Meet’s co-founders, flips Ariana Grande’s “All My Love” and transforms it into a laid-back, beachy track called “Todo Meu Amor,” while NAR flips Missy Elliott and her “One Minute Man” dance into sensual zouk on “Un Minuto Zouk.” Producers love puns.

Of course, reggaeton acapellas are all over this too, but totally used out of context, like on AiR DJ’s “Viene Por Ahí,” Rambow‘s “Quiero Una Mala,” and Rivera’s “Siéntelo.” While there’s an overall darkness to these songs (like the NAAFI or Fade to Mind catalog), they are more fearless and nasty, which is a great thing. Baby.Destiny’s “F This” and DJ XAVION’s “Busta Bounce Anthem” are borderline hardcore, and DJ Giovanni Ríos contributes with a fucked up mix of tribal and brostep on “Slow Magic (Tribal Evolution).” They all share a party spirit without discriminating genres.

Warning: this compilation can be a bit overwhelming. So take a deep breath, imagine you’re in an obscure, sweaty club, and hit play. Then just go ahead and wild out. You can thank your buddies at Track Meet once you recover.