Rigopolar Gives Milo Greene A Bass Line Makeover

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Have any of you ever listened to “Royal Blue” by Milo Greene and thought to yourself, “Damn, this song could be a lot more fun and interesting with the right bass line?” I’m pretty sure that’s what L.A.-based DJ/producer Rigopolar thought before giving the song a dance floor makeover.

Rigopolar, the turntable alter ego of Menio Brown and not Rigo Tovar, kept the vocals and a few guitar chords and tossed everything else out the window in favor of a liquid-ish space beat. I’m going to talk to my peers here at the office about getting this guy, Future Feelings, and Iñigo Vontier together for Remezcla’s next anniversary party. It would make for beautiful space-disco fun and you’re all invited!!!