DaFuture’s Rimagna Bops Into a Breakout Moment With “Killa” Video

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Banana Network

It’s been a minute since we’ve seen a quality music video essentially comprised of a single frame, but a new release from Rimagna of the DaFuture crew is a good reminder of why less can sometimes equal more.

Forget the plot lines and heavy filters of past clips like “Dime” and “Michel.” Posted in front of a geometric gray promenade — it’s an Estado de México monument to Zapotec painter Rufino Tamayo located in the park that bears Tamayo’s name — the rapper gets a Diego Bach-directed breakout moment that coolly taps the charisma of the Mexico City metropolitan area’s brutalist architecture.

In “Killa,” Rimagna strolls out a classic hip-hop bad man narrative, a nice canvas for a performance that confirms that he’s got real solo artist appeal. We could watch the emcee bop for a minute, which is the whole point.

Though Guadalajara affiliate Phynx has been making moves for some time, the DaFuture collective has yet to break through with its first solo star. Right now is the moment to invest in the development of its artists’ public personalities. Label founder and “Killa” producer Upper lingers in the background of the clip that does just that, low-key supervising Rimagna’s bid for flow recognition.

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