After 7 Years, Rita Indiana Returns With an Epic War Cry Against Political Corruption

The impossible is possible. It took us some time to come to terms with the fact that Rita Indiana wasn’t going to play ever again –“Ni por un millón de dólares,” remember? That’s why we fell flat on the floor when she was announced as one of the headliners of Isle of Light, a festival taking place in the Dominican Republic this weekend. But not even in our wildest dreams were we prepared for a new jam from la montra.

Indiana surprise-released her new song “El Castigador,” and it’s as striking and powerful as one would expect. It’s a slow-burning rock song with tambora percussion. Backed by Alegría Rampante‘s Eduardo Alegría, Rita takes her time here, making every word of the politically charged lyrics count. She denounces the corrupt politicians who have sucked the blood out of Latin America. For times like ours, this song resonates loudly.

In the music video, shot at the Puerto Rican Hacienda Buena Vista by Noelia Quintero Herencia, she exudes a menacing regality with her hair dyed blonde.

Rita Indiana is performing at Isle of Light this Saturday. Cross your fingers for a new album.