Robertito Chong Flashes Back To His Silly Childhood With “RESCATE”

Robertito Chong is a pretty extroverted and quirky MC from the new hip-hop scene that’s bubbling up in Puerto Rico. With somewhat childish antics and an all-fun-and-games attitude, Robertito has been making waves all around his home island for the past two years since the release of his debut, Enrolando Verso EP, and a bucketload of singles that reflect his progress up to date. His style is reminiscent of a certain brand of ’90s rap in the vein of A Tribe Called Quest and The Pharcyde, while his sense of narrative and joker-ish attitude remind us in some ways of Mexico City’s Tino El Pingüino, but a lot sillier and playful with his lyrics. He combines his lyrical aspects perfectly with a specific choice of odd beats to lay his flows over.

Robertito now presents his sophomore Hipoglucemia EP—due via digital outlets at the end of April—and his first single and video, “Rescate,” which he describes as a “look back [at his] fun times on the street he grew up in.” In the video, Robertito tries to show everyone what those childhood memories were like through first person p.o.v. From staging basketball-throwing drive-bys in scooters to a classic slip-and-slide session on top of a grass hill with Mario Bros, Robertito tells a very precise childhood tale that will surely resonate with a lot of people growing up 15 years ago.