Roberto Carlos Lange Sheds Helado Negro Moniker for the Experimental “Lifer”

Lead Photo: Photo by Ben Sellon. Courtesy of Helado Negro
Photo by Ben Sellon. Courtesy of Helado Negro
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Roberto Carlos Lange is known for his amazing work with Helado Negro, one of the best and most forward-thinking music projects of recent memory. If you aren’t in the know yet, very recently he released one of his biggest and boldest statements,  “Young, Latin & Proud,” so at least you know one of the best songs of the year so far. There’s no doubt that Roberto has dabbled in inspiring music, but there’s a side of his artistic vision that has been kept mostly in private for a long time, occasionally seeing the light on works like 2009’s Music For Memory. Again, he’s about to showcase another side of his musical ambitions.

Aside from his melodic and rhythmic work as Helado Negro, Lange has been experimenting with electronic instruments and software since he was 19 years old, probably in search of his own sound. He has set time aside throughout his career to let loose and go crazy without a particular goal or a cohesive song in the traditional sense of the word. Mexican cult label Umor Rex caught wind of this and volunteered to release a collection of the best recordings under the name Plural People, which will be available on cassette and digitally at the end of August.

To prove these experiments are not just random bursts or unfinished ideas, the label has shared the track “Lifer.” Although it’s largely a departure from his Helado Negro fare, the piano piece hints at a unshakeable melodic sense that’s all his own. The track is atmospheric and rich with textures. It’s sure to bathe the listener in harmonious sonics with a slightly dissonant edge. It demonstrates that there’s more to him than what you can expect from his main project.

Photo by: Ben Sellon