Roman & Castro Shower in Old School Techno Waters on ‘Bajo’ EP

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Sanfuentes Records brings us a new techno transmission from Santiago de Chile with the latest EP from Roman & Castro. The duo – aka Sebastián Román from MKRNI and journalist Nicolás Castro from Radio Rock & Pop – have teamed up as producers for a follow-up EP to their debut Bueno Ya, which dropped on DJ Raff‘s Pirotecnia label.

Bajo is a five-track venture courtesy of the digital label, which has been releasing a steady output of lose-your-shit-on-the-dancefloor tracks since 2013. Roman & Castro have cited the label’s founder, Vicente Sanfuetes, as a mentor. It makes sense for them to look to the label head for inspiration while they fine-tune their production chops, as they did with their remix of his “Bodytalk” track last year.

As with previous Sanfuentes Records releases, the EP dips heavily into old school techno aesthetics, with “Bajo” offering up a slow-burning invitation to the floor through chopped vocals and rising/falling synths. “Latina Heroina” and “Date” exhibit a hazy verbal playfulness that we’ve seen in previous Sanfuentes Records releases like Los Mekanikos’ infectious “Tacha Tacha.” For remixes of the title track, Roman & Castro called on the label’s extended family, with jackmaster Alejandro Paz lending an acid electro edge, and Eddie Mercury offering up a clanging, stripped-down rework.

Bajo is set for digital release on November 23.