Román & Castro Explore the Limits of “Techno Latino” With a New Collaborative EP

Lead Photo: Photo by Álvaro Guerra
Photo by Álvaro Guerra
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After putting out their Bajo EP last year with Sanfuentes Records, Sebastián Román (of MKRNI fame) and Nicolás Castro – aka production and DJ duo Román & Castro – return to DJ Raff’s Pirotecnia Records for the release of their new EP, titled Visitante. They’re calling it “techno latino” – a label that makes sense, since they transform some elements of Latin music and turn to other Latin American producers to share ideas and expand their sonic palette.

Visitante starts off with “100 Pies,” featuring Mexican artist and previous collaborator Mijo. This is a club-ready track from the start, driven by a synth motif manipulated in every possible way over the course of eight minutes.

Along with Cómeme affiliate Dany F, Román & Castro went digging on YouTube and sampled the chants of Colombian street singers for “El Brujo.” The song’s sped-up cumbia rhythm, Afro-Latino percussion, and ever-changing kick pattern will guarantee dancing, and the clash between the operatic chants and tense synth chords actually clicks – evidence of a polished collaborative effort.

Composed with fellow Chilean producer Guerra, “Insomnio” sounds like it could become any DJ’s secret weapon. It’s cold and menacing, resembling European techno, and veers into acid at a couple of key moments. Fittingly, “Insomnia” will definitely keep you up at night.

The EP closes with “La Odisea,” created in collaboration with fellow Chilean producer Valesuchi. They slow down the pace here, building a hypnotic dance groove from a bare beat and mysterious atmosphere, with some breathy vocals for added sensuality.

Visitante isn’t too much of a stretch for Román & Castro, but it’s a wonderful exercise in getting the most out of collaborations and capitalizing on the insight of other producers to enrich your own sonic identity.

Catch Román & Castro at Festival Primavera Fauna on November 12.