Anthony and Romeo Santos Profess Their Love for Kink in Bachatarengue Banger “Masoquismo”

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The Gods of Bachata (Anthony Santos and Romeo Santos) have spoken again. This time they’ve done it by answering my coworker’s question of how Dominicans celebrate Halloween and Día de Muertos: with the Romeo and Anthony Santos collaboration “Masoquismo,” obviously. El Mayimbe and El Rey de la Bachata have teamed up for this bachatarengue ode to all things kink. Aside from our love for masochism in the bedroom, Dominicans love to eat, drink, dance – only to later get hit as hard as the tambora in this song.

En el nombre del Padre y del Hijo y del Espíritu Santo, I’ve been reborn into a #Romeista all over again, thanks to the infectious throwback sound of this bachatarengue.