Royal Highness Put a Screwmbia Flip on Drake and Latin Bass for ‘De Espacio’ EP

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King Louie and Principe Cu‘s pairing as Royal Highness continues to excel with their latest De Espacio EP. Though it’s only two tracks, by exploring Drake-inspired moombahsoul and Tex-Mex screwmbia, it proves to be more than enough material to provide a top-notch look into the future of Latin bass. “Compania” takes Drake’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late single “Company” and puts the track’s acappella over a sumptuous, simmering, and halting break that never quite boils. It just might be a reason to get excited about moombahsoul again. “Ay Papa” is yet another unique and Texas trill trap winner from Royal Highness, as in finding the delicate balance between American pop and their Latin roots, they’ve crafted a winning style. Download this EP for free here.