It’s A Psychedelic Pop Summer on Rudy De Anda’s Debut EP

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We’re halfway through summer, which is usually the point where the season gets hazy and the days start to blend into each other. The sunlight is endless and there are waves of heat swelling in every direction. If this part of summer had an official soundtrack, it’d be Rudy De Anda‘s debut EP Ostranenie.

Rudy took some time away from fronting his Frank Zappa-influenced psych rock group Wild Pack Of Canaries to work on his own solo EP. The result is a four-track debut that’s far less trippy but still plenty psychedelic and very pop-inflected. The EP has more in common with Brian Wilson than Frank Zappa, but it carries the weirdo vibe of both quite well.

Rudy De Anda will perform at this weekend’s Viva Pomona Festival alongside a bunch of other awesome Latino artists. Check it out if you’re in the area.