Listen to Salfumán’s Shimmering Electro-Pop Debut EP

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Salfumán’s presence is elusive. For years she’s been making music discreetly; the kind of electronic rhythms that conjure a sensuous, decadent atmosphere. Now, the Valencian multi-instrumentalist Sandra Rapulp has decided to emerge from her Soundcloud’s shadows to let her presence last on every listener’s psyche from the second any of her songs is played.

Let’s get straight to the point: the new Salfumán EP – her first official compilation – is nothing short of a hidden gem, one that could get away in seconds if you’re not paying attention sharply enough. Its five songs weave together a myriad of stimulating synths, guitars, and beats, and though her voice never rises above the melodies, it ends up couples with them impeccably.

Stand outs include “Gran Baile”, the inebriating “Amoniaco” (which makes a quick nod to her moniker “salfumán,” a name for chlorhydric acid), and the cheerful-beated “Antisinte”. If you’re into that kind of bedroom pop revolution slipping into something more… shall we say comfortable, this EP is for you.