Salfumán Shares New EP and Dreamy Bedroom Pop Track “Noche en el spa”

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With her first official eponymous EP, Valencian singer and multi-instrumentalist Salfumán made us fall in love with her dreamy but funky brand of bedroom pop. She’s back with a new release called Serie Rosa, which only features an intro, an original track, and a very pretty cover of Mecano’s “Hawaii Bombay.”

Noche en el spa” picks up where she left off on her previous EP, which was released only five months ago. It’s packed with sonic references from the 80s. From the incessant bass line to the delayed guitars and reverb snares, it all resembles that era, even bringing to mind her beloved Mecano. Her voice, soft and childlike, floats subtly over the music, and while the lyrics may not talk about mud baths or hot stone massages, it sounds like her lover has the same relaxing effect on her.

Salfumán’s Serie Rosa is out now on Love Our Records.