Salsa Choke 101: A Playlist Guide to the Street Sounds of Colombia’s Coast

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We’ve done quite a bit of musical exploration into Cali, Colombia’s homegrown party genre salsa choke, but never before have we compiled a definitive playlist of its movers and shakers – until now, that is. Today, we’re debuting our official salsa choke Apple Music playlist, dedicated entirely to the bump-style dance moves and hybrid street sounds of Colombia’s coast.

We taught you the dance and the history, but now we’re focusing entirely on the artists who are creating this sound. Featuring tracks from acts like Los Traviesos, Joel Mosquera, Integracion Casanova, Sr. Ortegon, and more, this playlist is your official go-to for that special blend between salsa dura and the hooks of reggaeton, hip-hop, and regional folk sounds.

Listen to the playlist exclusively on Apple Music here.