Salt Cathedral’s “Go And Get It” Video Is a Colorful Ode to Hardworking Hustlers

Lead Photo: Photo by Margaryta Bushkin. Courtesy of Salt Cathedral
Photo by Margaryta Bushkin. Courtesy of Salt Cathedral
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After dazzling fans earlier this month with their self-affirming new hustler anthem “Go And Get It,” Colombian duo Salt Cathedral have finally dropped the colorful clip for their star-studded bounce collaboration featuring Big Freedia and Jarina de Marco. Premiering on Remezcla today, the Susan O’Brien-directed video leads us into each artist’s vibrant world. Shots of neon microphones, choreographed phone meetings, and De Marco’s own poignant line “million-dollar baby, I’ma buy my mom a house someday” will also remind you this song is about hard work more than it is about boasting.

“Since we came to this country, we worked to open doors constantly by hustling like crazy,” the band says via email. They reminisce on the time and considerable effort it took to bring the project and all its players together. “It was the culmination of a hustle itself. It started two years ago when Nico and [Juli] went down to New Orleans to record Big Freedia. Jarina, whom we had never met in person, hopped on the song a year and a half later. The two of them had never met. And so the shoot became this encounter of artistic minds and personas that was fascinating.”

The final product is a cheeky and delightful romp that explores color and texture in kitschy vignettes capturing each artist’s unique aura. The styling for “Go And Get It” also doubles down on Salt Cathedral’s growing incorporation of fashion and dynamic color palettes into their visuals, a precedent they strongly established with their recent video for “Rude Boy.” As in their previous release, the band hails the “incredibly feminine energy we had on set,” praising not only their co-stars, but also O’Brien, producer Dasha Kova, and stylist Sam Bates.

Watch the full clip below: