Salt Cathedral’s “No Love” Video Celebrates the Afro-Colombian Town of La Paz, Cartagena

Lead Photo: Photo by Itzel Alejandra Martinez for Remezcla

After releasing a string of EPs and one-off singles over the course of the last six years, New York-based Colombian duo Salt Cathedral are ready for their close-up with the release of their anticipated debut full-length, which is coming out this year on Ultra Records. Following previously shared singles like “Unraveling” and “Run for The Money,” in collaboration with Matisyahu and Assassin, respectively, as well as “Fragments” and “Always There When I Need You,” the pair now unveils “No Love,” a new display of their elegant and unique take on today’s mainstream sounds.

“No Love” is a swooning breeze of Caribbean scents and rhythms, a crisp and detailed production that lets the catchy melodies and Juliana Ronderos’ sweet call to stop violence shine as brightly as possible. Its music video, directed by Colombian filmmaker Felipe Holguín and his Cumbia Films production house, takes us to the heart of La Paz, Cartagena, where the band members play dominoes and dance through the Afro-Colombian neighborhood. As the band explains in a press release, “This music video is very important and meaningful to us because it shows how dancing and music can connect us all – it’s a common human experience – and making it was exactly that. The song talks about how we all have bodies and we can choose to love each other and dance instead of taking a fighting path and in the video, each character gets angry and not being able to help their reaction, they break into dance. We were very excited to go back to Colombia to shoot it and we’re stoked to share a little bit of our beautiful country and its beautiful people through our art.”

Salt Cathedral and Cumbia Films also recorded video testimonials from local residents, which feature some of the stories of community members. Watch them here.

Salt Cathedral plays the Dominican Republic’s Isle of Light Festival on April 14. To purchase tickets, click here