A Day in the Life of San Pedro El Cortez, Tijuana’s Garage Rock Rebels

Lead Photo: Photo by Paolo Zuñiga

Festival NRMAL is just around the corner, and there’s a ton of bands that will surely blow the place to smithereens. Without a doubt, San Pedro El Cortez‘s gritty, rebellious music makes them a standout act on the festival lineup. Hailing from Tijuana, the psych garage band has been making a name for themselves through festival appearances and local performances, and now you can get a glimpse at their day-to-day life in this short mini-doc, directed by Patricia Torres-Maciel.

The film showcases the band as they rehearse and perform at last year’s Rumble Fest, which takes place in their hometown. They hang out, do their thing, and even show what it’s like for one of the members of the band to live on the other side of the border.

San Pedro is keeping the spirit of rock alive by getting wasted and playing energetic and out-of-control songs. The band is already the subject of a feature-length documentary called Basura, whose dream-like narration offers an intimate look at the band’s journey.

NRMAL is bringing you the chance to see San Pedro up close. Be sure to catch them live in Mexico City on March 12 and 13.