Sanfuentes Remixes Himself on “Cherry (“110″ Remix)” Techno Banger

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After releasing tech-Mex dancefloor essentials from Mijo and Los Mekanikos, Chilean producer Vicente Sanfuentes is putting his own productions back in the spotlight with a trio of #MachineFunk bangers on his Cherry EP.

The pumping OG “Cherry” single serves up funky acid-washed breaks perfect for after-party vibes, before Sanfuentes takes it to a delightfully overblown edit of the original. In the “110” remix, Sanfuentes remixes Sanfuentes, layering insistent disco synth lines that groove over a slow-rising techno build, maxing out the original elements to the point of a squeaking falsetto synth line.

Don’t miss the “Red Tape” b-side track, reminiscent of Sanfuentes’ incendiary, analog-drenched Surtek Collective days with Atom™, an essential piece of the artist’s history that laid the groundwork for his future founding of Cómeme and Sanfuentes Records.