Sanfuentes’ Upcoming ‘Visiones’ EP Explores Cross-Cultural Pollination in Latin America

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Sanfuentes

Chile’s Vicente Sanfuentes is a well-known producer and mover and shaker in the Latin American techno and house scene. He runs the label Sanfuentes Records, a platform for self-released material and work by like-minded artists such as Mijo and Los Mekanikos.

As a producer and label head, Sanfuentes tends to champion music that is humorous, pushes some sort of political or social commentary, and has impeccable production value. If there’s one thing he knows how to do, it’s make popular music, and he seems to be betting on that talent. Now, with his ninth EP on the way, he’s giving us a glimpse at his latest work with the title track “Visiones,” premiering today on Remezcla.

Although this is the final track on the EP, “Visiones” is a high-octane, sticky production, driven by a syncopated melody that evokes spaghetti western soundtracks with a Andean twist. In a video by Juan Saez, digital renderings of rocks and boulders come alive to the beat of the track. The whimsy of “Visiones” makes it almost ironic, but in the best possible way. Based on recent Sanfuentes Records releases, like Mijo’s El Próximo Berlin, it seems like the label is using its platform to explore new ideas about changing Latin American identities in a time of acculturation and globalization. With track titles like “Derecho Contra El Muro,” you can bet the full EP will be no different.

Visiones drops June 23, 2017 via Sanfuentes Records.