Sano’s ‘Rionegro Mixtape’ Brings All the Tropidark Vibes

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We’re pretty psyched about Rionegro, a supergroup of DJs (mostly hailing from the Cómeme Records roster) that includes Matías Aguayo, Sano, Gladkazuka, and others. They’re about to drop their debut album, and from the looks of it, they’re vibing to mystical and tropical sounds that bridge the gap between digital technology and shamanism. They’ve already shared a track called “Amazonas,” which we’ve been playing on repeat ever since it dropped.

To further pregame the Rionegro record, Sano has shared a mix to get us into the mood. The hour-long collection opens with the aforementioned “Amazonas,” hinting at a possible future for the track as a surefire party starter for many a DJ the world over. The mix boasts lengthy tracks ranging from ritualistic and ancient rhythms to fun and retro soundscapes. Old school cumbia melodies give way to minimal 80s synths that bump over a house beat and back again. There’s plenty of guapachoso cadence and more than a little elegance in the mix.

The selections will make you feel slinky, but in a goth way (it makes sense once you play it, trust). Be sure to play it all the way through, as it never lets up and the final cut serves as a nice change of pace.