Santa Muerte’s New Mix Finds Common Ground Between the Sublime and Subterranean

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Santa Muerte
Courtesy of Santa Muerte
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In a club scene inundated with DJs and beatmakers, Santa Muerte really shouldn’t be able to surprise us anymore. Ahead of their set in Brooklyn tonight, Sines and Panchitron imagine to do exactly that with a 20-minute mix that finds common ground between the sublime and the subterranean.

As it begins, the Texas-based duo tease the unbridled energy to follow with a slow-burning intro, one that features the sounds of the most remote corners of the American continent, where wildlife is abundant and foliage still wins the war against urbanization. Quickly, the scene shifts and Santa Muerte delivers on what feels like their ultimate mission – an homage to Latin American music paired with industrial kicks, drums, and stabs. Featuring hits from favorites like NAAFI’s Lao and Zutzut as well as APOCALIPSIS founder Riobamba – who will play alongside the producers at Sunnyvale tonight – the mix is a potpourri of the scene they share with their peers. An untitled Riobamba and Kala collab appears here, as well as “Mareo,” the dizzying kuduro workout that Zutzut unveiled two weeks ago.

Santa Muerte have proven themselves to be fluid and adaptable while remaining steadfast in their overarching sound. There is a slight lean, a pivot, to the sounds of baile funk, yet they do so without alienating the fans of their earlier work. Listen to their mix exclusively on Remezcla, and be sure to catch Santa Muerte tonight in New York.

Santa Muerte hits Brooklyn’s Sunnyvale, tonight, February 17. To purchase tickets, click here