Santa Muerte and Spaceseeds Transform Arca’s “Lonely Thugg” in Two Abstract Remixes

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While Arca recently announced his forthcoming album Mutant, a wide variety of producers are still celebrating the music from Xen, his debut record. The album cut “Lonely Thugg” just got two new edits.

Texan duo Santa Muerte flipped “Lonely Thugg” and transformed it into an obscure hip-hop track, chopping, repeating, and rearranging bits from the song, while also spicing up the beat programming. It ended up sounding more conventional than the original, but the remix retains its weird edge. On the other hand, Mexican producer Spaceseeds made a three-way mashup between the same Arca track, South African artist Angel-Ho‘s “Yah Cunt,” and the infamous Chris Brown’s “Kiss Kiss.” It pretty much sounds like a superposition of the two experimental instrumentals and Brown’s acapella, so the result is very disorienting, but in a great way.