Sau Poler Chops House Vocals and Four Tet Vibes on “Non Plus Ultra”

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Up-and-coming Spanish producer Sau Poler just released the first single off Paradoxes Of Progress, his upcoming EP. “Non Plus Ultra,” the second track on the follow-up to his A Soundless Echo EP, continues his exploration of house music mixed with gorgeous ambient landscapes. On its six minutes of duration, the producer builds a house beat with a little garage influence, and infuses it with processed keyboard sounds in a style akin to Four Tet, along with the usual chopped vocal bits, giving us an overall pop vibe. As soon as the 1/16 note arpeggiated synth enters the picture, it’s an instant party– an elegant, late-night European kind of party.

Paradoxes of Progress is out December 2 on Atomnation.