Sau Poler Makes the Dance Floor Ethereal on ‘Paradoxes of Progress’ EP

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Paradoxes of Progress is the name of Sau Poler‘s second EP, just released through Atomnation, and it’s a dance floor beauty. Based on what we’ve heard of his output so far, this EP is an expansion of his production M.O. We already shared “Non Plus Ultra,” the second track on Paradoxes, a track that lifted us off the ground with its ethereal qualities and nostalgic timbres over a house/garage beat and R&B touches. And that’s probably the main feature of the Catalan producer’s music: the successful mix of nostalgia and dance, through the use of both organic and electronic elements.

Each track is proof of this, but in its own particular way. The garage rhythms can be found again on “Mental Invasion,” with the intervention of a Latin-esque keyboard. “Illusion of Time” steps fearlessly into techno territories, while “For NYC” brings the Balearic vibes. Closing track “Juun” is gorgeous and feels weightless, probably due to the minimal beat composed by basically a kick, a tambourine, occasional hi-hats, and an almost inexistent snare drum. But from start to finish, Paradoxes of Progress sounds coherent and gives you an exact idea of what Sau Poler is all about.