Sau Poler’s “Masks” Refix Is a Ritual Exercise in House Nostalgia

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Catalan imprint Modern Obscure Music, the label that brought us Pedro Vian‘s great Black Toms EP several months ago, is charging ahead with the release of their brand new third compilation on February 24. Ritual Rhythms features 10 new tracks from producers like JMII, Sunny Graves, Ivy Barkakati, LCC, and many more, including Barcelona’s Sau Poler (né Pau Soler).

His contribution, an edit of G&M’s “Masks,” is a contemplative, house-inspired number with an immersive rhythm suited for the ritual of dancing at the club. Soler has proven his ability to create tracks that blur the line between the synthetic and organic. The steady beat is embellished through wooden percussion, and blends perfectly with long, fat bass notes, elusive, electric piano melodies, and the airy and nostalgia-inducing chords. Who said you couldn’t dance while reflecting on the meaning of life?