Your Faves Could Never: Dembow Goddess Amara La Negra Raps on Sean Paul’s “All In”

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Sometimes little facts like this one slip my mind: in 2014, Sean Paul earned a Grammy nomination for Best Reggae Album with his project Full Frequency. But something else also happened in 2014; the Jamaican rapper left Atlantic Records and has been working without a major label. Free from the major label reins, he’s just shared a collaboration with Miami-born Dominican singer Amara La Negra, another artist without major label backing, but tons of talent. Amara joins Sean Paul and New York rapper Mims (Yes, that Mims, of “This Is Why I’m Hot” fame) on Paul’s latest dancehall track “All In,” where she flexes singing in both English and in Spanish in two different verses. The track also has a bizarre couplet from Mims, who somehow thought it would be acceptable to rap “All I bring is terror in the bedroom/ISIS” in light of the recent attacks in Paris.

This isn’t the first time Sean Paul has a Dominican connect. Earlier this month, Mozart La Para linked up with Paul in Jamaica and recorded a 14-minute freestyle. You can check that out here.